Downhill Skateboard Truck

Purpose Behind the Project

The truck (what connects the wheels to the board) is arguably the most vital component of the skateboard in downhill racing. In order to be competitive, riders require a truck that is both precise and stable under load.

The goal of this project is to design and prototype a lightweight and durable skateboard truck for downhill racing. 

Starting Template

This design was developed by referencing the 165mm Arsenal cast trucks as a base template to create a custom design using CAD software. 

Parametric models for both the hanger and the baseplate of the truck were developed in Autodesk's Fusion 360. Both of these components would serve as a starting template for developing a custom design that conserves mass while maximizing its rigidity.

Shape Optimization Simulation

A stress test was performed with the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the hanger to simulate the truck under the load of a rider. The loads consisted of a linear force applied to the pivot point and two moments that were applied to the axles at 45 degrees to the horizontal.

Mesh Body Conversion

The volume of material over a specified load threshold was converted into a mesh body. This allowed for a visual representation of where the critical structure and excess material is in the hanger. 

Component Redesign 

The optimized hanger was "sculpted" out of the original design while ensuring the underlining mesh body was retained within the component's volume. 

ASME Y14.5 Technical Drawings of Re-Designed Components for Manufacturing

In order to accurately convey the re-designed component dimensions, ASME standard technical drawings have been provided to aid in manufacturing a prototype for testing. These drawings contain geometric dimensioning and tolerancing as well as additional section and detail views to ensure the design is completely specified.

ASME Y14.5 Technical Drawing of Exploded Assembly 

A completely assembled skateboard truck consist of several parts in order to properly fasten the wheels to the board. This technical drawing conveys all the parts required for assembly and an exploded view of their configuration.

Final Product Renders

Some renders of the entire assembly in an anodized red to help visualize how the finished product may look.

Interactive Model of Assembly